Jim Clinton For School Board Trustee, CCSD District E

As a school board trustee, my one overarching ambition is to give all the available support and resources to our teachers in the Clark County School District so that they can do what they do best, teach my children, your children, and thereby guide these young leaders of today towards a successful tomorrow.  By providing Las Vegas schools with these tools, I expect teachers to help students reach their full potential.

This website is just one step towards a more transparent School Board. The community can use the resources on these pages to learn more about Jim Clinton, the team's values and the platform we are running on.

Jim and staff look forward to your thoughts, comments and criticisms. Start the dialog by sending us a message, or call our office at 702 461-2389 to speak with someone directly.

Sincerely yours,

Jim Clinton

Jim and his loving wife, Renee.

Beliefs and Values

I started this campaign because I believe a better world is possible; our children deserve more from us, our teachers need our uncompromising support to guide our children, and our school district should provide a smarter business plan to achieve this. Learn more about the values that drive our campaign.

Campaign News

As an active community member, I would like to have personal discussions with my fellow neighbors about CCSD. Check out our news section to find a campaign stop near you in Las Vegas.