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Community Endorsements from our local papers.


For those who want to review candidate endorsements, this is the link to the Review Journal's selections.  I am proud to say that they have endorsed me for the appointment of CCSD Trustee, District E.


The Las Vegas Sun has thier list posted below for all of thier endorsements.  They too have selected me for the endorsement.

Community outreach

Rene Cantu Jr. was selected to fill in for the CCSD District E for the remainder of what was Teri Jannison's position.  Congratulations to him.  "School Board picks Cantu to fill spot" Trevon Milliard, Review Journal.


One great way for the CCSD outreach programs is making headway.  Florence Aitken, CCSD's Turnaround Leader, heads this collaborative effort called REACH.  See more in this Las Vegas Sun article:


In the coming months Jim will be touring the schools, neighborhoods, and district to discuss the issues with our neighbors, parents, teachers and administrators.  These gatherings provide an excellent forum to present the candidate's views and discuss them with you. To request a visit at your next event, please send us a message.

Visiting hours

Jim Clinton is a firm believer in participatory democracy. Call us at 702-461-2389 to schedule a private meeting with the candidate, who is always interested in hearing your concerns. We have expanded the visiting hours for your convenience.